Vilmos Maleczky [Bariton – *1845 Falkenhain, †1924 Budapest]

Laszlo Maleczky Tenor Adoro Urgrossonkel Vilmos Maleczky Opernsänger

Received his singing education in Munich. After his first appearances on stage in Munich and Paris, he was recommended to the “Hofoper” in Budapest in 1872 by the famous conductor Hans Richter, with whom he was friends. He stayed as a member of the company until 1888 and later acted there out as a guest artist. From the parts that he sang at the Budapest opera are to accent “Duke Luna” in the “Troubadour”, the “Renato” in “Un Ballo in Maschera” from Verdi, the “Alfonso” in Donizetti´s “La Favorita” and the “Valentin” in “Faust” from Gounod. He was married with the opera singer and teacher Josepha Ellinger (1852 – 1920), daughter of the famous Hungarian hero tenor Jozsef Ellinger (1882 – 1946) and the soprano Teresa Engst (1824 – 1972); from the marriage of Vilmos Maleczky and Józsefa Ellinger came the daughter Bianca Maleczky (1882 – 1946) and the son Oskar Maleczky (1894 – 1972), who also came to a great singer career.




Jozsepha Ellinger – Maleczky  [Sopran – *1852 Budapest, †1920 Budapest]

Jozsepha Maleczky Sopran

She was the daughter of the famous Hungarian tenor Jozsef Ellinger (1820 – 1891) and the soprano Teresa Ellinger-Engst. She received her education from her parents, most of all from her father, and had her debut 1872 in Budapest in a concert under the musical direction of Franz Liszt. Since 1874 she was member of the “Budapester Volksoper” until 1885, and after that for many years member of the company of the “Budapester Hofoper”. At the center of her repertoire were the great parts in the operas from Mozart and Wagner as well as the great roles in the operas of the Hungarian composer Fernec Erkel and F.A. Doppler. Amongst others she sangunder Gustav Mahler, who was royal opera director of the “Budapest Opera”.

Since 1892 she worked very successful as a pedagogue at the “Landesmusikakademie Budapest”. She was married with the baritone Vilmos Maleczky (1845 – 1924), who appeared in a leading position at the Budapest Opera. From this marriage came a daughter, Bianca Maleczky (1889 – 1946), also a valued singer on Hungarian stages, and her son, Oszkar Maleczky (1894 – 1972), who made a great career at the National Opera Budapest.



Oszkar Maleczky [Bassbariton – *1894 Ungarn †1972 Budapest]

Laszlo Maleczky Tenor Adoro Oskar Maleczky Bassbariton

His family played a great part in the development of the Hungarian opera. His grandfather on the mother’s side, Jószef Ellinger (1820 – 91), sang many years as a first tenorat the Budapest Opera, where he created the main role in the world premiere  (9.3.1861) of the opera “Bank Ban” from F. Erkel. His father Vilmos Maleczky (1845 – 1924) was baritone, his mother Joszefa Maleczky- Ellinger (1852 – 1920) a coloratura soprano at the Budapest Opera. His sister Bianca Maleczky became a famous singer as well. Oszkar Maleczky started his career 1925 at the Budapest City Theatre. In 1928 he was appointed to the National Opera Budapest, where he made a long and brilliant career. The people appreciated his interpretation of the hero in “Gianna Schicci” by Puccini, the Papageno in “The Magic Flute” from Mozart, the “Fra Melitone” in “La Forza Del Destino” from Verdi and the “Don Pasquale” from Donizetti. He also sang parts like “the Pizarro” in “Fidelio”, the “Telramund” in “Lohengrin”, the “Alberich” in “The Ring of the Nibelung” and as a unique role the part of “Beckmesser” in the “Meistersinger”, which he sang under Otto Klemperer, who was musical director at the State Opera Budapest from 1947 to 1950. In 24.4.1932 he took part in the world premiere of “Die Spinnstube” from Zoltan Kodaly. Until 1962 he appeared at the National Opera Budapest and then said good-bye to the stage. Throughout his life he acquired great earnings as well as a voice teacher and appeared for years at the Budapest Music Academy. He acquired the title of a Hungarian national artist and the Kossuth award. His voice is preserved and could be heard in several of “Hungaroton” recordings, for example the complete operas “Fidelio”, “Meistersinger”, “Manon Lescaut” from Puccini and “Hary Janos” from Kodaly.

Laszlo Maleczky [Tenor – *1970 Stockholm/Schweden]

He continues the opera tradition of the Maleczkys. He received his education at the Conservatory of Music of the City of Vienna and at the viennese University of Music. For several years he was a member of the company of the “Volksoper Wien” where he sang a lot of operas, and as a Viennese surely a lot of parts in operettas. His most famous roles counted “Tamino” in “The Magic Flute”,  “Alfredo” from “La Traviata”, but also “Sandor Barinkay” in “The Gipsy Baron.” In the last years his voice has developed into the heroic tenor repertoire. The future will surely bring the “Max” in “Der Freischütz”, a “Florestan” in “Fidelio” plus some Wagner parts.