In 2008 LASZLO became the tenor voice of the German speaking classic – pop – ensemble Adoro, which started their project the same year with incredible success on the German – speaking market.

With ADORO Laszlo had recorded, 5 studio albums, one live album and a live DVD. Adoro sold more than 2 million copies.

Adoro reached #1 with their first album and several times “top ten” with the following albums in the German Charts. With ADORO, LASZLO received multiple gold, platinum and double platinum awards.

The singers were nominated several times for the great German music award ECHO.

Laszlo has sung fife very successful large German tours. In February and March 2013 he had sung the last tour and the first concert in his hometown Vienna.

Adoro has performed in TV shows for several million spectators and has been on stage in front of more than a million people in large events.

In October 2013 LASZLO has left ADORO after more than six, very successful years, to follow his heart and his own musical vision. He released his classic pop solo album HERZSCHLAG (HEARTBEAT) album in 2016. The arrangements on HERZSCHLAG (HEARTBEAT) are strongly influenced by modern soundtrack music written by composers like HANS ZIMMER, DAVID ARNOLD and VANGELIS.