LASZLO has been writing since his childhood with passion and success.

For the new ADORO album TRÄUME (DREAMS) LASZLO collaborated in writing lyrics for two new songs. Together with international known authors like Andy Hill (e.a. Celine Dion) and Marco Marinangeli (e.a. Josh Groban, Placido Domingo), he created lyrics for songs and their translations into German. He has also created the German versions of their songs. In addition, the new ADORO title compositions: LOVE IS A ROSE (DIE LIEBE IST EINE ROSE) and I LIVE FOR YOU (ICH LEBE FÜR DICH).

He wrote two mini musicals, which are contemporary versions of two Austrian theatre classics, for children and the whole family. “The girl from the fairy world” after Ferdinand Raimund´s “The farmer as a millionaire” and “Lump-Zapadump-Lumpazi” after Johan Nestroys “Lumapzi Vagabundus”. The script and the lyrics came from LASZLO. The music was composed, together with the Austrian musician Herbert Kopitar. He also made with him the musical arrangements.

For several plays he wrote the lyrics and edited the text versions. He composed songs and transformed novels into stage plays.

He also works on the field of modern lyric poetry. Actually he is finishing his first compilation of poems.