In addition to his work as a singer, Laszlo Maleczky has repeatedly accepted and successfully implemented a wide variety of directing offers for many years. In addition to his creativity, his ability to coordinate tasks, optimize processes and work towards a goal together with motivated people comes into play here.


As artistic director of the BURGFESTSPIELE GÜSSING he was responsible for a wide variety of directing work. On the one hand, full-length, modern performances of AUSTRIAN CLASSICS and, on the other hand, responsible for the implementation of so-called MINI-MUSICALS, for the whole family, with actors aged 6-13 years.


He has even mastered large projects such as directing the KARL MAY-FESTSPIELE-WINZENDORF with up to 40 actors, horses and impressive pyrotechnics, which require a high degree of manual directing work, with great success with the public.


Even in event management, he was a sought-after coordinator for the smooth running of events and customer events for many years.


Music-video-direction is a new addition to his portfolio of directors. Here he provided the idea, concept, rehearsal and direction for the music video for the classic-pop duet CON TE SARÓ – I AM FOR DICH (I AM HERE FOR YOU) there with the Italian pop-hit singer FAUSTA (Gallelli). The title and that music video will be released in 2022.

If you want to see the video, just click on the picture!

The idea, concept and direction for the IMPULO music videos in the IMPULSO IN CONCERT music video series also come from Laszlo Maleczky. He realized it with the cameraman and editor AKOS KECSKEMETI – in-spot, who actively supported him in the directing work. Both are jointly responsible for editing the music videos.