Not only convincing with his voice, but also good looking, LASZLO MALECZKY acted and sang the main part brilliantly between nobleness and bohemian, lavishness and greed for money.

Luxurious melodies and a swinging direction made the performance from “The Duke of Luxembourg” a complete success…and LASZLO MALECZKY (Duke) convinced with an excellent singing performance.

…on her side LASZLO MALECZKY as the princes’ son Edwin Ronald, had a strong appearance with mixed emotions between his passion and disappointment -with his brilliant tenor on top of everything.

LASZLO MALECKY, the mysterious “Mister X”, who is in the center of the story, sings excellent and is perfect for the main part.

…and also the “Phantom of the Circus” fulfilled this dictum, to bring artistic seriousness into the operetta: LASZLO MALESZKY sang with a brilliant, light tenor about the lost happiness and the fear of failing; soft, but without corniness in the love affairs, dramatic, when he uncurtains his identity. Here was everything that makes a great opera night.

… as the mysterious “Mister X” in a black costume and with a black mask …. when he discovers “Fedora’s” identity, old feelings come up, that he expresses in tender love songs. At this juncture shines “Mr. X” LASZLO MALESZKY with a romantizising, coaxing voice, that in the sentimental songs but also in the explosive melodies portrays every tune in the right way. In the main roles were Frauke Schäfer as princess “Fedora Palinska” and LASZLO MARECZKY as “Mr. X” … adorable. The performance inspired with the high quality of singing and the sensitive staging of the opera. … LASZLO MALECZKY as “Mr. X” is highly convincing as circus cavalier as well as the resigned lieutenant, but most of all as the lover from the nobility…

LASZLO MALECZKY who comes up with a really brilliant tenor as “Baron from Schober” and with the song “Leise flehen meine Lieder” (the original from Schubert) he surely conquers women’s hearts in the audience….

Temperament, well acting and finest music were experienced by the spectators, who filled the auditorium up to the last seat at the premiere, especially when LASZLO MALECZKY appeared as “Jan” the spirited Hero, as an actor and as a singer

The audience gave a long and strong applause to the “Baron of the Gypsies”. The star in the “Baron of the Gypsies” was LASZLO MALECZKY as “Sandor Barinkay”, who was outstanding with his clear tenor.

The imbroglio about the homecoming Landlord “Sandor Barinkay” in 18th century Hungary and his search for a bride are easily built and it is a pleasure to watch this. The singer LASZLO MALECZKY and his gipsy bride are the outstanding soloists of the evening.

At the festival the orchestra concentrated on the sweeping and swinging melodies and formed fiery rhythms of Hungarian traditional music with a lot of verve. LASZLO MALECZKY as “Barinkay” sings his part with great emphasis and in high perfection.

Is it real what I saw?” asks LASZLO MALECZKY himself in the role of the “Prince Tamino”. Noble greatness and a true desire for the feminity seen in a picture determine his in singing and acting outstanding performance.

The quality of “The Magic Flute” was a surprise. This often-performed opera from Mozart has a lot of traps. The “Tamino” is perfectly given as an actor as well as a singer by LASZLO MALECZKY.

With a great production of “Dukess Mariza” the theater proves how inspiring operetta still can be. Swinging, coherent, with overwhelming ideas, and harmonious singing offers this production tension and humor from the first minute until the last. The performers were also excellent. LASZLO MALECKY with his part as “Duke Tassilo” was outstanding…

In the role of “Tassilo” LASZLO MALECZKY chose the gentle way of approximation with a lot of glaze in his tenor. How he preserved his two bel canto hits from crashing into kitsch, was one of the vocal highlights.

Nicely packed but with intelligent content – productions like this “Bat” should be staged more often…Rosalinde and Alfred (LASZLO MALECZKY) made out of their appearance in the first act a beautiful vocalist, and also funny and even erotic experience. …