Here is one of the most wonderful moments of yesterdays ECHO 2013 night: Talking with the „Graf“ the singer and writer of the very successful band „Unheilig“

Dear friends,

here you can see one of the personally most wonderful moments of yesterdays ECHO-2013 night. The ECHO is the most important german music award and with Adoro I was nominated for the category „Crossover“!

Before the award started I had an inspiring conversation with the „Graf“, the singer und writer of the very successful band „Unheilig“. We where talking about how we write lyrics for songs and the creative process.

The „Graf“ wrote the most touching and emotional german lyrics, like the „Unheilig“ hit single „Geboren um zu leben“ („Born to be alive“). I was not surpirsed that eh is writing with the same passion and he is struggling for every word the same way that I do and did when I was co-writing two songs for the last Adoro album.

For sure we are from different music genres! Unheilig is an alternative rock band! But to impress feelings with words and create „pictures“ with words is a goal that we both have. It was a wonderful conversation that inspired me for my future work.

And at least I want to congratulate this special artist and his musicians for the two ECHOs thei received!

All the Best,