Laszlo entered the home strech of the Adoro Tour 2013

Dear friends,

The Adoro Tour is slowly reaching the home stretch as a a big popular success!

After every show I can hear from the public, that it is the best Adoro show ever! This feedback gives me specials pleasure, because the management an I worked together intensely on the shows sequence. But specially the creative part of show specials where mine. Inviting a soprano who sings a Mozart aria an a duet with us, the idea of an instrumental classic rock song, the fact that, we have a loop played by the band, when we enter the audience to get in contact with them at the end of the show. And especially the Viennese Operetta Hit „Dein ist mein ganzes Herz“ (You Are My Heart’s Delight) from Franz Lehar. A song that I have sung many times at gala concerts (there without microphone).

I have to thank the public for this wonderful feedback! It´s making me very happy!

So there are 2 concerts left in Germany and than, after a small break, we will have the first Adoro concert in Vienna, my hometown! I am looking forward to that!

Thank you all for the wonderful atmosphere at the concerts!
Yours, Laszlo