The Picture Gallery under „MEDIA“ has now been completed.

Simply hit the button „MEDIA“ to access the newly completed Picture Gallery.

… Another ‚Feature‘ has been added and with that, the next big step in the process of updating my brand-new website has been taken.
If you hit the button „Media“ in the Main Menu, you will get re-directed to the Picture Gallery. Here you will find all the latest pictures in a so called „Lightbox“, which basically gives you preview.
Once there, you can easily select the next or previous image using the mouse cusor. In addition you can select „Slideshow“ on the bottom left to view all pictures fluently in order.
If you look for more detail, you can also view a ‚full screen‘ shot of each image by simply clicking on the upper right.

In the coming months we will continue to add more new features to my website. Feel free to check in any time for updates, news, and infos or visit me on Facebook at Laszlo-Tenor-Facebook Page after we launch it very soon. Thanks for all of your support.