Dear friends,

yesterday I had the great pleasure to listen to my bass-bariton colleague and internationally successful Operasinger Erwin Schrott, singing a wonderful Tango concert. The focus of the program „Rojotango“ is not so much on the dancing but more on the Music, the special kind of singing, that Tango needs, the passion, melancholy and the richness of Tango music.

Erwin Schrott showed, that he is not only a wonderful opera singer!In „Rojotango“ he shows his deep an emotional affinity for Tango music. Something not too surprising, cause he is South American.

Erwin was accompanied perfectly by wonderful musicians from all around the world. Three of them are the Janoska brothers, virtuoses whom I already could enjoy in concerts with the „Philharmincs“ and their own „Janosk Ensemble“. (Informations about that concerts you can see here in some of the former posts.)

„Rojotango“ is a great mixture of real and authentic Tango music, with an opera singer who is able to reduce his voice, or raise it powerful and operatic, every colour given in the right moment. Accompanied by an ensemble of outstanding, international musicians and two impressing dancers, all together transporting the emotion, the passion and the melancholia of Tango. And finally an Erwin Schrott who is even able to loosen all that in an amusing way with his presentation.

I can deeply recommend „Rojotango“, to all of you who like Tango and passionate music! There are still some upcoming concerts in Germany and Austria. If you don not have the chance to see and hear „Rojotango“ live, than I can also recommend the wonderful recording.

erwin schrott rojotango berlin laszlo maleczky tenor adoro

To me it was total pleasure,
All the Best,